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What is the Franchise for car rent

Rent Car in French riviera

Wishing to remain open before клиетнами, first of all, we are compelled to dispel the myth that the insurance covers everything.
In avoidance of negligent driving and the handling of the car, all insurance companies of France surely raise the franchize, even at obligatory insurance of vehicles by private owners.

When causing damage to the car through your fault, the sum will be subtracted from the sum of the franchize corresponding to this damage.
As the franchize doesn't come back when stealing car.

Differently, the insurance franchize is a size of your responsibility for the leased car.

The insurance starts working only for the damage exceeding the sum of the franchize.

All our cars are insured previously and the client isn't obliged to take an additional insurance.
In this case, it has to grant the sum of the full franchize and the insurance will cover the damage exceeding this sum.

Except a standard insurance of the rented car, we offer our clients an additional insurance which will lower the franchize sum approximately three times, cutting, thus, your expenses in case of unforeseen situations.

The cost of an additional, optional insurance, makes from 15 to 200 euros per day, depending on car cost.

At car rent, the franchize won't be removed from your account, it only will be frozen on your bank account, in 3-4 days prior to rent.

At car return in the same condition in which it was transferred, all sum of the franchize will be unblocked.
The franchize can't be accepted by cash.

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